Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia, USA to all our past clients business partners, investors, trade associates, friends and future clients from around the Universe. Welcome to the visionary award-winning commerical-mixed-use design advisory, residential design advisory, construction management, real estate development consulting and infrastructural design portfolio of Boye Akinola, Visionary Design and Development Advisor. Dedicated to local, national and global cutting egde sustainable-green design, engineering, city planning and real estate development consulting.



who we are

Boye Architecture, Inc.(formerly bA Design-Architects) is an award winning USA based global architectural, urban planning and development advisory firm that has over 27 years of commercial and residential architectural design and master planning experience in the USA and around the world. Boye Architecture was founded by Architect/Developer Boye Akinola, AIA in 1987. Since its inception, the Boye Akinola/Boye Architecture name has been synonymous with creative, innovative, profitable and visionary residential, commercial and mixed-use architecture and development in Atlanta, Philadelphia, around the USA, the national and international urban real estate market place such as Nigeria and Dubai. 

Boye Architecture is led by Atlanta’s award-winning Architect/Developer Boye Akinola, AIA. Boye Akinola/Boye Architecture is recognized for our unique brand of visionary design, innovative and technologically superior construction drawings, cost effective project management, effective business and financial management and profitable real estate development. Characterized by our distinctive role as Design and Equity Architect in today’s real estate development market, we are a service oriented firm committed to achieving harmony with our clients’ vision, goals, and values.

With over 27 years experience in the design of daycares, educational buildings-schools, churches, university facilities, offices, apartments, affordable housing and market rate housing  retail, high rise towers and mixed use buildings and communities, we have designed numerous award winning projects for our past and current clients with  our passion of meeting all our client's site, program, budget and schedule goals as well as their green-sustainable building and environmental design strategies with LEED standards.

The Boye Architecture team (under different capacities as consultants to private and public clients, as well as their own sponsors, developers, owners, managers, real estate executives, creative development managers, directors as well as consultants to other real estate development investors and firms) have been responsible for designing, master planning and managing and developing over $1billion dollars worth of university campuses, churches, commercial office, mixed-use, entertainment venues, retail malls and single and multi-family residential projects in the USA and also most recently in Nigeria. In addition, the Boye Architecture team has provided design and development management advisory services to other developers and private investors.

For the all new projects, the principal/design and business management leader of Boye Architecture team is Architect Boye Akinola, AIA.